Health and the Humanities

Several events this year highlight the essential human element that the humanities bring to medical practice. The kick-off event features a reading by Theresa Brown, practicing nurse and frequent contributor to the New York Times. Another celebrates the role the humanities play in dental medicine and pharmacy. The Health and Humanities conference features individuals from the linguistics department, the School of Medicine, and more.

Talking Body

Join us for several events that explore questions surrounding the fact that all humanistic thinking happens in human bodies. "Bodies in Motion" explores the definition of human movement; "Minding the Body" looks at the way bodies were incorporated into antebellum American literature; "Doing the Body in the 21st Century" asks what it means to study the body and corporality in 2015.

Arts and Humanities Pop-Ups

Be on the lookout for Arts and Humanities Pop-Ups around campus—short creative workshops designed to show the value of arts and creativity in professional fields like engineering, law, and business; or sign up for one in a building near you!

ACC Distinguished Lecturer Series

On November 19-20, as part of the ACC Distinguished Lecturer series, Pitt is honored to welcome the McMeel Family Chair in Shakespeare Studies Peter Holland from Notre Dame University. Professor Holland will deliver a talk about Shakespeare and Popeye and Star Wars and The Big Lebowski (among other things). Read about the Distinguished Lecturer Series here.